Moving stories

Many people just like you have left their cars at home and embraced other modes of travel. Find inspiration and useful tips in the moving stories of fellow Canberrans.

What's your
moving story?

Share how you or your workplace are making the move to active travel and help others learn from your experiences! Tell us:

  • A bit about yourself and where you live and commute to; or your workplace, eg what kind of business, how many staff, where it is located
  • Why you are making the move to active travel
  • How you used to travel
  • How you are traveling now
  • What was holding you back from changing your travel habits
  • What initiatives you or your workplace created that got you moving
  • Reflections on the lessons you learnt along the way – what did and didn’t work
  • Observations of changes of travel culture
  • If you have photos of your active travel
  • What you like most about active travel